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Reality television, coupled with instant access to information, is resulting in kids being keen to experience new opportunities far removed from the designated childrens' resorts or restaurants. will provide the platform for children to provide honest feedback about their own personal experiences, and use the experiences of others, to help them be part of the family decision-making process when planning the next family holiday. If you own a hotel, restaurant, theme park or any other attraction, you really need to highlight your business on the site so the whole world of kids can know about you.

Why bother registering? will become the place where kids go to get firsthand information on a venue from the people they consider the experts - other kids. Parents want a stress-free life, so they are often happy for the kids to do the research on venues and attractions.  The more kids review your site, the more visitors you will get.  Another goal of is to highlight how many people around the world have special needs.It may make hotels, restaurants and other venues more aware of the size of this growing market and how little they have to change to support these people in even a small way. We want to be able to highlight the venues which are special needs-focussed, so people can be confident they can have the holiday they have always wanted but probably never had. will have the booking functionality for venues to book straight from the site. Once the parents have seen how well your business supports children, they can make an instant booking.

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