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Review businesses from a kids' perspective

Reviews from members will help the tourism industry understand there is a social shift and children have now become part of the decision-making process when planning the family holiday. Kids providing reviews on their personal travel experiences will identify hotels, attractions and restaurants which provide the little extras that engage the kids and they will be the ones who will benefit from increased interest in their brand.

Plan your trip to a family-friendly destination was born from the distinct lack of a platform to allow children to provide their own feedback from their perspective. For too long children have been an invisible extra when families holiday away from the traditional family resorts; wants to be at the forefront of real change by providing the kids with a platform to be heard. is not designed to take the place of sites like TripAdvisor, rather to run alongside it. So when an adult has searched TripAdvisor or similar sites and identified the hotel they are interested in, will provide a platform for parents to review that same hotel from a kid’s perspective. This will help to ensure that while the adults will have their needs met, so too will their kids

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